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Firing the oven

Use solely hard and dry wood.

During the process of firing the oven accumulates the heat. If you've used the oven the day before you'll be ready to cook much faster.

Build a pyramid from smaller pieces of wood in the front part of the oven, in the way that you'll have enough space between the pieces for air to flow. For setting the fire you can use a paper or a solid firelighter. Never use a liquid firelighter as it could soak into the oven floor. Don't close the door completely, the fire needs a sufficient air supply during this phase.

Založení ohně
Založení ohně

After fire starts add 1 or 2 logs and let them start burning. This process should not take longer than 15 minutes.

After that push the fire to the back of the oven, be careful about the fire and about not ruining the pyramid of wood. Don’t let fire burn in the front part of the oven for a long time, damage can occur on doors (peeling the paint) and on plastic holder of a dumper.

Now add 2 or 3 logs. You can put the logs on a rake, than add it in the oven, or add it manually. You can also adjust the fire with the rake.

The fire should not be huge. It should burn at the back of the oven, its flames should reach maximally to the half of arch inside of the oven.

The temperature can be regulated by the door, chimney damper or by working with the fire.

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