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Frequently asked questions

Here we present you a document, in which you will find answers for most common questions about baking:

Download instructions (.pdf)

What can I cook in the oven?

In our wood-fired oven you can bake anything what a typical electric oven can do. The difference is that you can heat it up to very high temperatures, so you can prepare for example a true italian pizza. You can also grill anything that you could do on your garden grill. But thanks to a heat radiating from all sides, meat closes very quickly and won't let any juices out. The oven stays hot for hours after the fire extinguishes. You can use that to dry some fruit or herbs.

What kind of wood shall i use?

Use hard and dry wood, it doesn't produce much smoke or ash. If the wood is wet, firing the oven will take much longer. In that case we recommend to place the next logs before stoking inside the oven next to the fire, where it dries.

How big is the oven?

It's big enough for you to comfortably cook any home made meals. The inner space is 100 liters. You can find the exact dimensions in the section Dimensions.

How do I know, what's the temperature inside?

With the variants Amphora Plus and Amphora Ready you will automatically receive a thermometer with a bottom stem you will stick into the prepared hole in the corpus. If you decide to buy Amphora Basic that you'll build in, we recommend to buy a thermometer with a capillary. A simplier option is a free-standing thermometer you can place directly into the oven. We don't offer any door with a thermometer, because this way of measuring shows highly distorted values.

Can I use the oven during a winter or when it's raining?

You can use the oven anytime, if you comply with basic rule, that oven can not be wet or moisty whether from snow, rain or excessive moisture. If you although decide to light a fire, and the refractory shapes would crack, the warranty claim would not be accepted.

Can I use any fire-starter?

Don't use fire-starters containig kerosene or other substances that could soak into the oven floor and later influence the taste of your meals. Never use liquid fire-starters.

How do I know the oven is hot enough?

When lighting the fire, wood releases soot that colour the oven walls black. When the oven gets to the right temperature, soot will burn and you can start cooking. Find more in the section Firing an oven.

What temperature is suitable for baking different meals?

We've set these optimal temperatures after a lot of testing, but you have to try and find by yourself:
Drying herbs, fruit and mashrooms - 50-60C
Bread - 160-190C
Meat - 200-250C
Pizza - 280-300C

Do you have any other recommendation regarding the baking?

Yes. See the site Tips & Tricks where you'll find a lot of useful recommendations not just for baking, but also about controling the temperature and the oven itself.