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Baking in the garden oven - The Menu in the Season

27. 07. 2014

Veronika Kokešová, famous czech chef and blogger, showed us interesting recipes. In 2 parts of her show 'The Menu in the Season' she will demonstrate how to bake home-made bread, pizza and how to prepare different kind od meat: chicken, pork, lamb or how to slowly prepare duck for Sunday lunch

You will find the show in section 'Videos' or you can access it directly by clicking on one of the photos below.

Assembly instructions - Amphora

15. 07. 2014

Dear Customers, for better comfort and simplification of the assembly, we have prepared video with instructions.

Video has 2 parts – in the first one, the stand under Ready oven is assembled and in the second part you can watch assembly of the oven.
Sections of the video are numbered according to paper version of assembly instructions of Amphora Ready with wheels, but oven itself has same method of building, no matter which variant you purchased – second video can be used by anyone who is planning to build any other variant - Basic, Plus or Ready without wheels.

Video tutorials can be found in the 'Video' section, or by clicking on one of the images below.

The Door with glass

05. 07. 2014

For a new season we prepared new accessories
You can purchase door with a glass, which unlike the old type have air regulation. Now you can keep the temperature in the furnace according to your wishes and at the same time observe a flaming fire or enjoy the goodies that are baked inside the garden oven.

Taste The South Moravian Region and Weinviertel in Brno

30. 06. 2014

Visitors who were this weekend on Obilný trh square, could see garden oven on event 'Taste The South Moravian Region and Weinviertel in Brno'. During these 2 days, experienced bakers from Jeřábek bakery tried to prepare their famous bread in our garden oven.