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    Discover the Taste of wood-fired cooking    

"Discover the Taste of wood-fired cooking"

AMPHORA | Wood-fired garden ovens

Prepare yourself juicy steak, delicious italian pizza, crunchy bread, fluffy cake and much more. Traditional cooking next to a roaring fire brings authentic beauty and wonderful gastronomic experience.

Oven heat-up
Steak from the oven
Pizza from the oven
Bread from the oven

Quality, durability and heating...

...are the key features that our company LAC has been improving by manufacturing refractory concrete for over 20 years for the leading producers of boilers and stoves. We offer you now the highest level of these features within our new-brand products AMPHORA.

Our products are resistant to mechanical stress and wide temperature fluctuation. They have excellent accumulative qualities. And also, due to a dry lock system, the AMPHORA products are not being glued together and therefore there is no risk of cracking. Apart from the majority of our competitors' products you do not have to be afraid to heat up even though it‘s freezing outside. This is all thanks to our handmade production and concrete burning at 950 °C which can afford us to provide you an extended four-year warranty.

Unlike others, we also offer the final products that are not necessary to be built into a wall and everyone is able to make them up independently according to simple instruction in a short period of time.

Thanks to the handmade glazing each piece is original with its own colour structure and shade.


pec ve tvaru amphory